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Cheshire is another town in MA, USA. It is located in an area of nearly 27.5 square miles. In 2000, nearly 3.400 people were living here in about 1.300 households and over 900 families. In 2010, nearly 3.235 people were living here according to the official data.

The first settlers came to this land in 1766. Nearly 27 years later, the town officially became Cheshire. The name comes from the county name of Cheshire which is located in England. One of the early settlers of Cheshire was Colonel Joab Stafford. He led the people of Cheshire to the war during the revolution.

The average income per household is nearly $42.000 here. The males got a higher income than women do.

Waiting time – $60.00 an hour.

Base rates are exclusive of gratuity (20%), tolls, tunnel ($5.25), airport-charge ($3.25), parking, waiting time, etc.

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